Who am I?

As a child, I spent evenings sitting on the lap of my grandmother, who drew with its small set of 32 cards. A childhood in a particular universe, where my spiritual awakening and my learning took place in a simple and natural way.

At the age of 14, I was already starting to draw cards to my girlfriends from school... Taking this to a game and discuss our future love and school results...

I lost my father and then my dear grandmother, I was still a teenager. It is at this time, my mediumship really sounded.

So, I have learn to live with this special gift, but mainly to manage it, control it and master it, with the help of my guides and protectors. I could follow courses in metaphysics, to understand and to channel my perceptions.

During these courses and conferences, I discovered the work ofAllan Kardec, and there, my whole life changed.

I understood who I was and what was my role on Earth; I had light to help others, that I had a role of spiritual guide, as well, for people living, for missing persons.

I am therefore, SPIRIT MEDIUM, works by flash confirms my feelings through the Tarot of Marseille, Oracle TG and Belline. I gives you information such as they come to me and do not try to embellish things... but, you described the situation frankly.

I practice for more than 20 years, putting my donation to the service of others, in the help and light.

The important thing for me to meet my clients, clearly and guide at best, on their way of life... This is what makes my reputation...

I would be happy to welcome you and to bring you answers, listening, consulting and support in the sentimental, family, financial or professional fields.

Feel free to leave me a comment after have accessed me!

Light in your hearts...

Charly Mmedium.