A Medium means "middle".

The medium is therefore an intermediate person, a canal, between two worlds, that of the sky and the Earth, the material and the spirit, the living and the dead. The medium communicates with spiritual entities and guides that put it on a spiritual path of generosity, elevation, enhancement of the soul.
It may happen that the medium is put to the test on the path of evil, that it is in line with so-called entities 'black' or ' astrals bottom', that can handle it in his actions and thoughts. Each of us has psychic faculties, and can trigger this gift, also, should demonstrate a great discernment and an unalterable faith, in order to not to be overwhelmed by the forces of evil. Support for the development of his faculties is essential, in order to be guided towards the light.

The medium is equipped with a psychic strong, lucid, objective and demonstrating of discernment, only strained towards the good that he has to give to others, for failing to meet this kind of negative manifestations.

Being medium gives no power, the medium is a man or a woman like everyone of us. His natural empathy, sensitivity, and his great mental strength allow it to see what others do not see or hear what others do not hear.

Medium captures fluid of others, he exercises his gift without any material such as maps, pendulum, Tarot... or so, just the picture of the deceased or an object that belonged to him. The medium is one that leaves his free will to his interlocutor, he is there to transmit messages from the deceased who often recognize him appearing, by rolling out a scene from their lives, blowing words or even making it feel a feeling, a pain on his own body to identify it. During some sessions can go in a trance for a few minutes, it is able to describe things, events of the past or the future. It can clearly hear first names, names of persons or places, he gets very clear and accurate messages. It also has the faculty to communicate by written messages from the afterlife for a person.


Le clair-audiant est également un médium, qui se sert de sa « 3ème oreille », il entend distinctement des prénoms, des noms de personnes ou de lieux, il reçoit des messages parfois très précis, qu’il ne sait pas lui-même toujours interpréter mais qu’il va  retranscrire au consultant.


The Seer is more seeing that medium, he feels memories or trauma on the other, he sees clearly situations of the past, the present and the future. His difficulty is that his subconscious that knows none of these three States are the present, the past and future of the events it crowd, that he predicted. The clairvoyant sees places, scenes and situations.
His intuition is powerful.


It is a clairvoyant time and clairaudiant:
He sees, sees, hears, feels and feels, he entered in total harmony with its consultant. It will tap into the unconscious of the person coming to consult it the major events of his life, from those that surround it, he must feel very clearly the present situation of the consultant.

The indicator uses Oracle supports (cards, oracles...) assist him to refine his feelings, where the difficulty for him to deal with the time. What he sees is often for him in the immediate future, as he captured the major event, the major stages in the life of the consultant, he has glimpsed the mission or the outline of the life of the consultant.  For him everything unfolds like a movie at accelerated speed.


Le médium spirit est un médium un peu particulier. Il a de nombreuses facultés médiumniques. Outre, les facultés énumérées ci-dessus, il aide à provoquer des manifestations physiques, en entrant en contact avec les esprits, grâce à sa puissance énergétique et son élévation spirituelle. Il peut par ascendant moral  maîtriser les entités de vibrations inférieures, dits de 'bas astrals'. Il peut pratiquer son art en utilisant différents phénomènes transcommunicationnels ; tel que le oui-ja, tables tournantes, typtologie (coup dans les murs), déplacements d'objets.

Mise en garde et danger du spiritisme :

Le spiritisme attire beaucoup de personnes pour diverses raisons, (expérimentation, curiosité, etc). Je tiens à mettre en garde, ici, qu'il ne s'agit pas d'un jeu, et que si vous vous essayez un jour, à tenter l'expérience d'une séance de spiritisme (invocation des esprits par différents moyens), vous devez être accompagné d'un véritable médium-spirit capable de diriger la séance. Les esprits sont invisibles à nos yeux, et nous ne savons jamais à quelle catégorie de désincarnés, nous avons à faire.

Les morts sont invisibles, ils ne sont pas absents. (Saint-Augustin).